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relaxing environment

Advanced Massage Therapies is more than just a name; it’s what we do.  All therapies are truly advanced beyond the basics and are tailored by an expert therapist just for you.  Our office caters to one client at a time, so our focus is always on you.  Our peaceful environment is designed for you to decompress from the stress of your day.  Feel free to relax and unwind before and after your therapy session. 

Our facility offers:

  • Tranquil sitting room

  • Free Wifi

  • Complimentary beverages

  • Multiple, spacious, treatment rooms

  • State of the art tables

  • Audiophile sound systems

  • Handicapped accessibility


All therapies are performed by our expert, licensed massage therapist, Ellen Maroun. 

Georgia licensed massage therapist, Ellen Maroun, has over 25 years of experience with extensive advanced education in medical massage modalities for orthopedics, cancer, neurolocal, pre- and post- operative therapies, and complicated medical histories.  

She holds numerous certifications in various modalities. She is the first Neural Reset Therapy™ Certified Master Therapist in the state of Georgia. 


Also, she is certified in lymphatic drainage and combined de-congestive therapy by the Vodder School, which has the world’s most extensive training program, and is considered globally to be the gold standard in lymphatic care. She has additional advanced lymphatic training in the French osteopathic method by Dr. Bruno Chikly, and she teach assists for his lymph and brain curricula.  

Additionally, she is a certified massage instructor who has been inspiring students to achieve their dreams since 2002. She developed and led the massage therapy training program for West Georgia Tech until 2014.



Our therapy tables are incredible!  

Not all massage tables are created equal.  Most tables are flat and rectangular with a fixed headrest.  We use Comfort Craft™ tables which bend and move to complement human shapes.  

A massage might feel nice on a flat table, but once you have had a massage on our tables, you won't go back to flat.  The reason is because therapy is so much more comfortable on an ergonomically designed table which takes into account the curves, bends, and bumps of the body.  


Our goal at Advanced Massage Therapies is to have the best for our clients.  This includes Comfort Craft™ tables which are more effective at helping our clients feel perfectly relaxed, recharged, and allows them to get more therapeutic benefits from their session.  

Comfort Craft™ tables allow us to treat you more effectively.


Here is a video from Comfort Craft which showcases some of the unique features of their table and how how it enhances therapeutic value of a massage session.


I am so thankful to have found this place.  The amount of pain I was in was so bad, I had a hard time getting through my daily life.  After a few visits, I feel like a real human again!

My lower back needed some work done on it this visit.  Ellen loosened it up with her Comfort Craft tables that adjust to the right position and is able to even more effectively treat the area needed.

Ellen is THE BEST therapist, hands down! 


She is unique in the services she provides; she is always on the cutting edge of the latest techniques.

Ellen listened to my complaints and went to work on the specific areas meeting attention.  She has a huge arsenal of techniques quickly choosing the most effective ones for each problem area.

The therapist was very knowledgeable and professional.  The location was easily accessible and convenient. 


I will return and refer others

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