Heart Centered Therapy

Heart Centered Therapy

Heart Centered Therapy (HCT) is a dialoguing approach to physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.  It creates a safe space within the heart to assist your healing journey without reliving the trauma. We work in the present moment and access the original trauma where negative beliefs were formulated. We gently discover and transform the emotional component of disease in the body, the related trauma, as well as the ancestral patterns which have sustained wounds within the immediate family and family lineage. This very deep work goes to the center of your heart and emotional consciousness. 

BioMat is included as a part of your in-office therapy session. 

This therapy is dialoging only, so you remain fully clothed.  Your therapist may finish the session with some manual therapy to the area(s) of concern.  This is also usually done fully clothed.  You can add a full session of bodywork to follow HCT for a deep and profound therapeutic experience.

Your session time includes consultation, assessment, treatment, and check in/check out.

Heart Centered Therapy 

with BioMat



Heart Centered Therapy session with BioMat for added relaxation benefits. 

90 mins $160

Heart Centered therapy

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Below is an overview of HCT with the developer, Alaya Chikly