Women's Health





All sessions are one-hour appointment times.  

Your session time includes consultation, assessment, treatment, dressing time, and check in/check out.

Expert Care Just for Women

Advanced Pregnancy Massage


Extra care is given for the many changes women go through during those special months before and after the baby is born.  

Almond Blossom Pregnancy Massage with Medicupping™ Therapy

Kneipp® Almond Blossom Soft Skin enhances the benefits of this massage.  The light, delicate scent of almond blossoms is combined with emollient, sweet almond oil which is high in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, for intensive nourishing and skin conditioning benefits.


For high risk pregnancies, a physician’s release is required. 

Full Session: $95

Simply Organic Pregnancy Massage with Medicupping™ Therapy

Unscented organic jojoba and organic unscented massage cream are used to ensure a high quality hypoallergenic massage.  


For high risk pregnancies, a physician’s release is required.


Full session: $95

Breast Therapy for Pain


Breast therapy is indicated for a wide variety of issues such as: breast pain, fibrocystic breasts,  lumpectomy (benign), breast reduction, implants, scars, and adhesions. Traumatized and tightened connective tissue (fascia) can restrict blood flow, which in turn impairs proper cellular function.  

If you have had breast cancer, please book a service under medical massage therapies for cancer.


It is recommended that first time clients call the office for a consult.  A physician’s release for therapy may be required.  

Full Session: $95


If you know of anyone who has had breast cancer, Ellen is simply the best! She helped me through the many phases of my mastectomy and reconstruction.  She was a huge help in alleviating the pain.  Words cannot express my thanks!

After my mastectomy, I had a lot of pain from tight scars.  Ellen easily and painlessly released the scar tissue and restored the range of motion in my arm. 

Simply amazing! 


What a difference it makes to see someone certified in prenatal massage!  

The experience was wonderful.  


I saw Ellen for many massages when I was pregnant.  She really helped with the constant changes in my body.  The atmosphere is so relaxing!  I love this place!

Amazing skills to alleviate pain and a relaxing environment!  This place offers massage therapy like nowhere else in West Georgia.  

Five stars!