Medical massage is a combination of advanced techniques which are organized to address the particular needs of each individual client.

 Manual Therapies

Medical massage and osteopathic manual therapy are a combination of advanced assessment, soft tissue, structural (bone & joint), neurological, and lymphatic techniques which are organized to address the particular needs of each individual client.  A single treatment is focused on a specific region or type of dysfunction and is based upon the client’s complaints and the therapist’s findings.  It is seldom a full body treatment and is distinctly different from a therapeutic relaxation massage.  It is not necessary for a client to have a prescription from a physician, however, in certain circumstances one may be required. 

A treatment plan is developed based on each client’s individual needs.  Each treatment is different and changes as the client’s condition improves.  

The protocol for medical massage and osteopathic manual therapy is as follows:

  • A complete, detailed client history

  • Assessment of posture, movement, soft tissues, swelling, and neurological function

  • Treatment of abnormal tissues, swelling, and neurological function

  • Re-assessment

  • Additional treatment

  • Repeat as necessary through the session

A medical massage/osteopathic manual therapist has extensive advanced training in anatomically specific assessment, palpation, and treatment.  Mastery in these modalities takes years of advanced training.  Osteopathic manual therapy is considered advanced continuing education for physical and occupational therapists, and very few massage therapists persue this difficult education.  To learn more about our therapist click here.

Treatment may contain one or a combination of the following modalities listed below.​  Each of these therapies are very specific and, when intergrated, they create a powerful therapeutic impact. 


All session times include consultation, assessment, treatment, dressing time, and check in/check out.  All pricing shown is reflective of the discounted cash pricing.  All purchases with cards (credit or debit) are subject to a 4% processing fee by the credit card processor.  Payment in full is expected at time of scheduling, and it is non-refundable. 


Please note: We do NOT bill health insurance.  We are considered out-of-network providers, and it is the client's responsibility to check eligilbility and receive re-imbursement.

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BioMat Therapy

Plastic Surgery Recovery


If you have been involved in an accident, and this involves liability insurance, attorneys, or other legal matters, please look under Physician Directed Manual Therapy

Medical Massage

Osteopathic Manual Therapy

Lymphedema Management

Oncology Massage


A combination of medical massage and gentle osteopathic manual therapies are used to customize your session based on your individual needs. 


50 minutes      $120

Recommended for pediatriacs, medically frail, and very minor issues only.


80 minutes      $160

110 minutes    $220

Pain Relief Therapy Enhancements:

BioMat infrared therapy and Medicupping are available at no extra charge.  

Charlotte's Web Balm

Approx. 15mg CBD  $5 per area

Alpine Dispensary Balm

Approx. 54mg CBD & THC Delta 8 $8 per area

Learn more about CBD & THC Delta 8

Kneipp® Arnica Joint and Muscle Herbal Therapy

$5 per area

This is suggested for those who want to add topical pain relief but do not want CBD.

**Please Note**

We do NOT bill health insurance!


Physician Directed

Manual Therapy


This advanced therapy is provided under a physician's prescription and direction and adheres to strict protocols and includes

medical documentation.  This is for people who have been in accidents (auto, work, etc.).


Times may vary based upon the direction of the physician.  

A physician’s prescription for therapy is required.

$45 per 15 min unit as prescribed with a minimum of 4 units

**Please Note**

We do NOT bill health insurance!

Peri-Operative Therapy

We partner with physicians to provide peri-operative therapy. Pre-surgical therapy prepares clients for surgery by reducing restrictions in soft tissue and increasing lymphatic flow.  Post surgical therapy directly enhances the surgical outcome of the patient by reducing pain and the need for pain medication. Our therapy may also decrease bruising, swelling, scarring, and reduce recovery time.  


Peri-operative therapy is excellent for people undergoing plastic surgery, and many other surgical procedures including: orthopedic and joint replacement, facial, oral, and more.  It is also for procedures related to cancer such as mastectomy and reconstruction.

Single Session

50 minutes      $150

Recommended for facial, oral, breast, or joint replacement.

80 minutes      $190

Recommended for mommy makeovers, 360 lipo/BBL, and other extensive surgeries. 



8 Sessions

50 minutes      $1,080 ($135 per session)

80 minutes      $1,400 ($175 per session)

12 Sessions

50 minutes      $1,440 ($120 per session)

80 minutes      $1,920 ($160 per session)

Therapy Enhancements:

BioMat infrared therapy and Medicupping are available at no extra charge.  

**Please Note**

We do NOT bill health insurance!

Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology taping is a rehabilitative technique, which facilitates the body’s natural healing process. It helps to stabilize joints without restricting movement, provide all natural pain relief, and speed drainage of swelling and bruising.  Additionally, it can extend the benefits of therapy for several days after treatment.  


Service includes skin prep as needed.  


This therapy can be added on to therapy at time of service, and it is included within your session time.  

Pricing varies based upon amount of tape used and are(s) being taped.

$17 and up


Ellen massaged and taped my knee removing a LOT of the pain and discomfort allowing me to workout, sleep and move around again.  Thank you!

I went back to Ellen after being gone for several weeks.  My thoracic back had been hurting constantly.  She used several different techniques to work on it and I have had no pain since my appointment. 

Very knowledgeable and professional!!  I’m a disabled veteran and have had chronic leg pain for 3 years.  I left without pain in my legs at all!!! 


Would HIGHLY recommend!!

Ellen is able to achieve results that injections from orthopedists and many visits to great physical therapists could not. 


I highly recommend her. 

This is not your typical massage, but the results are amazing.  It doesn’t matter if you suffer from chronic or acute pain, Advanced Massage Therapies can mitigate your discomfort.